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modern mansion in Budapest
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Villa Christina Budapest

The astonishing inner courtyard with large terrace and pool

The wonderful garden is tastefully landscaped with a wide selection of rare plants and trees

Fantastic Swimming pools and Spa for ultimate relaxation

Beautiful lights in the evening

The front garden in the evening.

The fountains and lights of the elegant pond around the main entrance can be remotely controlled.

Impressive evening show

The splendid green garden lawns are maintained by an automatic irrigation system that employs 268 Hunter sprinkler heads controlled by an intelligent system that monitors actual weather conditions.

Beautiful lights in the evening

Luxury villa providing magnificent experience

Magical pond and illuminated fence

Villa Christina Budapest, a 21st century modern mansion, is for sale.

The pavement in front of the property has been landscaped with attractive trees and a lawn maintained by an automatic irrigation system. The side and back walls of the property are faced with limestone and other quality stones to harmonize with the buildings and provide a safe and intimate place for the property and its residents.

Outstanding architecture

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